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Radiator Central Heating Blenheim Marlborough

Warm-water radiator central heating is a fast and effective way to heat your home quickly. These systems allow you to individually control the temperature of each room in your home.

Radiators heat from a lower level, meaning that the objects around them feel the warmth sooner, as opposed to convection heaters that heat the air, which immediately rises to the ceiling, then layers down until the heat reaches your level. In addition, a natural convection effect occurs with heating radiators. This means that you’ll not only enjoy the benefits of radiant heat, but you’ll also get a double shot of heat from naturally occurring convection heat.


Warm-water flows silently through the radiators heating the metal, which in turn begins to heat each room. A boiler (generally located in the garage or laundry), heats the water and pumps the warm-water out to the radiators. The water returns to the boiler for reheating and continues its cycle back to the radiators.
The system is controlled by a programmable controller, and can be set to turn on and off at your convenience. The temperature of individual rooms can be controlled through valves on each heating radiator. You can also include heated towel rails as a part of this system. This keeps your towels dry and prevents damp air from lingering in the bathroom.

The boiler can be driven by Diesel. Wood burning boilers (wetback on a large wood fire) are also available. This does turn the system into a manual heating system, which requires effort on your part to keep the wood fire burning constantly.


Things to remember

A radiator central heating system can be installed in new or existing homes. In existing homes, there needs to be sufficient under-floor space for installing and running the piping work. The system can also be combined with an in-floor heating system, which provides the lower level of the home with luxurious underfloor heating, while the rest of the home is heated by radiators.

Radiator Central Heating

Radiator Central Heating

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