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To Whom it May Concern..


Over many years we have called upon Marlborough Plumbing and Heating to help us out. We live in a rural area with limited access. Always Rob and Paul have not hesitated in coming when we needed them. No matter how difficult the situation was they sat and talked it over with us to come up with a solution. We run a small tourist operation along with our farm and sometimes we have to think outside the square - these guys are excellent at that.

Also a quick thankyou for the amazing help we had as individuals and as a community when Ward and the wider Flaxbourne area was hit with a severe earthquake a few years back. These guys worked into the night to get water cylinders secure and water pipes connected back up. We are forever grateful for their work over that week and follow up.

Our family will always use this plumbing firm and highly recommend them to the wider community.

Rob and Sally Peter and family
Cape Campbell Farm, Ward


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